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Pants Yell!
Pants Yell! - Your Feelings Don't Show(mp3)

"lo-fi indie-pop with the sharp & clever lyrics, tight vocals complete with a catchy, poppy sound" (http://www.indie-mp3.co.uk)

"Pants Yell! is certainly an indie-pop band (it would be a misnomer, even a disservice to call the group’s sterling guitar lines and unassuming rhythms rock), but in the way Pavement was at its most melodic." (http://cokemachineglow.com)

"They just write simple 2-3 minute pop songs, but they do it so remarkably well that you can picture Stuart Murdoch or Stephen Merritt saying "I wish I had written that song". Recent Drama is full of the finest lo-fi bedroom pop you can think of. Pretty and clever lyrics. Beautifully crafted songs that have more hooks than the contestants of the annual ice fishing championships. Gentle and catchy melodies that effortlessly take control of your heart." (One Chord To Another)


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